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Built on a series of oil macadamia Macadamia Hair brand Dr.Sante - for those who want to restore weakened hair true luxury. Oil contained in the media will do with your hair is what makes a rough diamond jeweler; it will make them shine. To this end, we developed a cosmetic complex, which includes everything you need for hair care. The composition of the drug acts macadamia oil, together with other useful ingredients. An important role is played here by the keratin. In composition, it is related to hair, so naturally "embedded" in the structure of the hair shaft, eliminating the damage, filling irregularities, it gives hair a perfect smoothness. Funds also contain oil mono, Moringa and olives, extracts of lupine, wheat proteins. Acting together with macadamia oil and keratin, they participate in the process of transformation of the hair. For Hair Oil Macadamia Hair, applied over the entire length, strengthen strands and give them a pleasant elasticity, make an incredibly smooth to the touch. Oil will not allow posechennymi hair reliably protect the tips. The tool helps hair gain strength and give a noble shine. Shampoo Macadamia Hair enable gently cleanse the hair and skin, and prepare them to action Hair masks Macadamia Hair. After applying the mask hair become soft, supple, shiny. Hair Balm Macadamia Hair will provide them with the scope, crispness and shine. A caregiver using hairspray Macadamia Hair - a pleasant combing, ease of installation and ease of charming strands.

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