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The ideal comprehensive care program for mixed and prone to oily skin. Accents in the program funds are made on the disposal of the main problems of oily skin and matting effect.
As part of a series of natural formula means highly active extracts of cucumber and dwarf palm, reinforced proprietary complexes Vital ET® and Acnacidol®. And for extra protection of the skin from the negative effects of solar radiation in the formulas introduced natural UV-filters - shea butter and rooibos.
This combination allows the active ingredients to harmonize the skin at the same time in all directions:
- Eliminate the main problems on the skin: narrow pores, remove shine and inflammation, moisturize and soften the skin with active components of the extract of cucumber and palmetto.
- Normalize the sebaceous glands at the cellular level for 14 days with the help of complex Acnacidol® Vincence (France), 10-seboregulyatora NDA, mimics the action of royal jelly.
- Locate the foci of inflammation by a palmetto extract and complex Vital ET®, a special form of vitamin E, with its pronounced anti-inflammatory properties.